How Starts-Ups Can Use Instagram’s IGTV?


By now you must have heard of IGTV—Instagram’s newly launched feature that now allows you to create long-form, full-screen vertical videos. Your video on IGTV can be 60 minutes long!

Many big brands quickly embraced this new feature. Here is an interesting article discussing how big brands are utilizing IGTV.

Much like the bigger brands, small business owners and start-ups can create wonders with this new feature. Here’s how start-ups can use IGTV:

Tell Your Story: If you are a start-up that has been in business for a few years, you can tell your brand story with IGTV. Perhaps, on a milestone anniversary of your business, film a video showing the journey of your brand and thanking customers for their loyalty. This will show customer appreciation and encourage engagement with new clients, validate your legacy and showcase the evolution of your brand.

Flaunt Your Company Culture: If you are going on a team outing, company retreat, or engaging in a community service activity, flaunt it! You can film a 2-5 minute video showing all the fun you did at this outing or film a video showing how your employees spent a day volunteering. This can be a great way of building brand image, attracting new customers, and even new talent to your company. After all, company culture is key to attracting and retaining talent.

Behind The Scenes: Take your customers on a workplace tour and show them who you are and what you do. This will let your customers see the human side of your business and may encourage engagement, and potentially lead to new business opportunities.

How-to-Videos: Given you can make an hour-long video on IGTV, you can create product demos or how-to-tutorials providing your customers step-by-step instructions on how to use your products. It is likely your customers will be more willing to watch a video than read a product guide.

Success Stories: Lastly, let your customers sing your praises. Film a customer success story with IGTV to show how you helped them in achieving their goals.

The possibilities with IGTV are endless. In nutshell, start-ups can use IGTV for brand awareness, brand building, customer engagement and much more.

As you dig into this feature, here are a few more articles that might be worth a read!

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