How to Create Effective Tweets?

tuned on gray laptop computer

 I find the brevity of character space on Twitter exciting. However, creating engaging Tweets can be daunting. Here are a few tips to create tweets that can help you engage and connect with your audience. 

  •  Have Awesome Content: No matter how cliched, but content really is the king. Before you post your tweet, think about your audience and what would resonate with them. It might be a good idea to utilize a social listening tool and monitor what keywords and hashtags your audience is associating with your brand. Most social media management tools such as Sprout Social offer listening capabilities. Read my blog on social listening here.
  • Have Great Visuals: The most retweeted content contains photos and videos. Visuals speak a powerful language so add some inspiring, funny and newsworthy images, Gifs or videos. Resize photos to optimize for Twitter. Landscape by Sprout Social is a great tool that lets you resize for a profile photo, header photo, as well as, in-stream tall and in-stream wide images. There are other tools such as Canva and Stencil that can help you create great templates and designs for your Tweets and social media channels in general.
  • Set the Clock: Most activity on Twitter happens in real-time. Therefore, it is important to post time-sensitive tweets, particularly in events of breaking news. Think about how an upcoming NFL game or Super Bowl or Oscars is relevant to your business and engage in a meaningful conversation with your audience.
  • Use Hashtags: Hashtags (#) are a great way of increasing the visibility of your Tweets in Twitter search results. A Twitter hashtag ties different conversations on the same topic from different users into one stream. However, be careful not to overuse hashtags and beware of using irrelevant hashtags. Here are a few guidelines that Twitter provides on how to use hashtags.
  • Engage with your Audience: Regularly monitor your feed, and reply to queries or grievances of your audience. Again, utilize a social media management tool that can help you track what your audiences are saying about your brand.

I found this video a few years ago. If you still new to Twitter, this might be useful. Check it out here.

Now Go Ahead and TWEET.


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